How Long Until Forever{0}

If you had access to the keepers of your life flashing before your eyes what questions would you ask?  How would you greet the efferevescent premonitions?  Whatever would you wear?

You can’t really wait because life waits for no one and you can’t look toward the eternal sunshine of a spotless mind because well, that’s just not where you would look.

How many years have you been here? How many impressions do you carry in your music box?  If in the glimpse of kaleidoscope eyes you were given an opportunity to see who you really are would you take it?

You may not remember all of yesterday and tomorrow only half matters. Your life is not a book mark or a paper weight. It’s a night in shining armor and the most heavenly scent.

Your life is in the moment of a single breath and a droplet of rain. A place where the lilacs whisper in the wind and where magic swirls around in the air.

The future can be capricious while the next day may never come.  Honor the significance and don’t forget to blink.  Time might even slow to a most certain stop while you wonder.

Measurements don’t apply here and feelings are just words if you don’t know the definitions. The infinite possibilities are taken from you if you forget. Liken it to a wish upon a star.

Is there still hope in you? Find it. Is there trust beyond the depths of the deep? Drink of it. Is there promise that your light will shine eternally? Believe in it.

Refuse to consider the hyperbole and make your own luck.  Forever has been here all along if you just know where to look.








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