Higher Self

Higher Self {0}

If you could have a chat with your higher selves what would they say?   If they could give you advise what would they suggest?  What if you could really hear them? Would you act differently knowing you had a spot in the Divine Garden of where everything could be perfect, of where you are(…)

Love Bubble

Love Bubble {0}

Let’s face it.  Sometimes we get a little insecure.  It happens to the best of us and most of the time it is strictly unwarranted.  We are all beautiful in our own way, we are all blessings in our own right and we are all perfect in the eyes of the Divine.  And it would(…)

Do You Speak the Language?

Do You Speak the Language? {0}

Sometimes we all need to be reminded that we were born speaking the Devine language of intuition and even though at times we stray, we can always find our way back. Brush up on your conjugations and practice audible speech. Let the music shine through you.  It’s time to hone your skills and remember that(…)