Higher Self{0}

If you could have a chat with your higher selves what would they say?   If they could give you advise what would they suggest?  What if you could really hear them?

Would you act differently knowing you had a spot in the Divine Garden of where everything could be perfect, of where you are perceived as perfect and where you are perfect?

Place your hand on your heart and take three really deep breaths in.  Breath in all the positive affirmative and beautiful thoughts you can while exhaling all the negative, useless and wasteful thoughts you have.  Once you are in your happy place and you can hear the higher frequencies, listen…

     You are bright and successful and you have come such a long way. There is love & laughter & happiness & more love.  There’s magic & intrigue & childlike wonder.  There is hope & dreams & pools of serendipity to splash around in.  There is music and flowers and life.  There’s an abundance of synchronicity & acceptance of all things.  

     You attract the best people, places & things into your life at all times, now and for forever.  You are a higher being on a higher plane where chance pays dividends, relinquishing control yields rewards & where undeniable faith bestows blessings.

     You listen more than speak. You laugh more than cry.  You whisper more than yell. You skip more than walk.  Your Guides are with you always and your higher self knows no bounds.  The unconditional love finding it’s way to you needs you to open your doors.  

     Accept it, trust it, love it back with all your heart.  Your confidence & self esteem are on a higher vibrational level and resides with the Divine.   And your life is in harmony because of it. Be of service and may your heart be filled with gratitude.

Pass it on…





photo courtesy of http://my.opera.com/anamicab/albums/showpic.dml?album=10802642&picture=142574792