One More Moment Please

One More Moment Please {0}

There are moments that are precious And day times that are still A night in shining armor A game of strength and will Let your sword of enlightenment Enter me with faith Embrace my body, mind & soul With elegance and grace Impress upon my darkest dreams The laughter of a child Innocence will heal(…)

In Gratitude

In Gratitude {0}

Being this exhausted lends itself to a pure sense of freedom and knowing the Angels watch over me feeds my essence with confidence. Giving in to my new found flexibility leaves me wanting to give thanks as I call it the end of yet another wonderful day. I wrote this prayer years ago but may(…)


Revelation {0}

Sometimes we revisit the darkness so we can appreciate what we see when the sun comes out of hiding.  Sometimes we have to be reminded to let go and sometimes the Universe will shift just in time to teach you some new valuable lessons you don’t want to miss. If it’s true that we are(…)