Sometimes we revisit the darkness so we can appreciate what we see when the sun comes out of hiding.  Sometimes we have to be reminded to let go and sometimes the Universe will shift just in time to teach you some new valuable lessons you don’t want to miss.

If it’s true that we are influenced by planetary activity it is most certainly time to watch the sky.  Eclipses bring revelations and the inevitable disclosure of new information will come whether you’re ready or not. 

Never one for taking the easy route, it was inevitable that in preparation for the change I be humbled by a certain turn of events.  Vulnerability is exposure but what better a time to fess up then when hidden in the shadows.

This eclipse found me finding my way out of the lions den.  I was given a test at first I thought I failed (and while on one regard I did fail, on the other side of the darkness I came out a winner) Admission to oneself that you fell isn’t easy. But I’ve chosen the lessons. I took a long hard look at what it all meant and I get it now.

I committed to staying in the shadows for as long as it took so the lesson would be engraved in my psyche and in hopes that tripping over the rocks would no longer be an option. Behind closed doors I went through the necessary evolution of feelings that lead to transformation. First I felt sorry for myself, then something that resembled pity and then the anger set in and then the blame.  But once the blame took hold I knew the truth.  I had no one to blame but myself.

I had made a mistake. I am admittedly human. I had fallen but I had no scars or bruises. Through tears of frustration I knew the minute it came full circle.  I was completely hidden in the shadows where it was quiet and the angelic sounds of wisdom could reach me.  I let go. I gave myself over to the truth. I engrossed myself in an angel guided meditation, letting it play over and over, de-brainwashing myself out of my misery.

And just like with any eclipse, this too shall pass. The shadows will transcend over us and the light will show us who we are again.

And I have to tell you, today I know it’s not starting over. It’s just moving on. Life happens and as long as we learn and grow and evolve the Divine forces will never turn their backs on us.

I know I have learned more lessons in the last four days than I have in the past ten months, and I also know that today, I’m kinda a feeling like a Super Hero.

Have you ever peeked in the shadows to see what resides there? Now is as good a time as any.

Lesson #1:  When we play with fire, we will get burned.

Lesson #2:  It’s okay to say no if you’re protecting yourself. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone not even yourself.  Just stay on course and don’t let anything get in your way.

Lesson #3:  Some friends don’t want you to change.

Lesson #4:  Some people make decisions (even if they will affect you) based on their own selfish agenda.

Lesson #5:  People don’t mean to be malicious they are just lost in their own darkness

Lesson #6:  If you ask for help it comes

Lesson #7:  You are never alone and the Divine force will never abandon you

Lesson #8:  If you are trying to be someone new you need to find people who already represent where you’re going and hang out with them

Lesson #9:  Brush yourself off and keep going

Lesson #10: From the hardest lessons comes the most freedom





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