In Gratitude{0}

Being this exhausted lends itself to a pure sense of freedom and knowing the Angels watch over me feeds my essence with confidence. Giving in to my new found flexibility leaves me wanting to give thanks as I call it the end of yet another wonderful day.

I wrote this prayer years ago but may it never expire.

In Gratitude

May we find it in our hearts to help us find our true path.  Help the greedy to be humbled and help the poor for they are so many. Please see us all through these times of hardship and despair.  May everyone have food on their tables, love for their children and roofs over their heads.  May these times of strife and sorrow help everyone believe in themselves, each other and a bigger picture of possibilities.  May we lose our interest in power and instead find the joy in sharing.  May we give love to all whom we meet and extend a helping hand when we can.  Let us know that a smile for a stranger goes a long way and a word of encouragement to a child can change the course of their future.

Please help the lands of war to find peace.  Please help us all help each other so we can get through these arduous times and uplift the energy on a level of global consciousness.  May we all find peace, love, good health and prosperity.  May we wake each morning with love in our hearts, smiles on our faces, encouragement in our words and sincerity in our souls.  May we let ourselves off the hook and know that this too shall pass.

May we disparage fear from our lives and evolve consciously as a whole.  Please help us to experience love, compassion and empathy toward our fellow man, woman and child.  Help us to greet each day with love in our hearts, be the master of our emotions, know we are nature’s greatest miracle, and to live each day as if it were our last.

With undeniable faith, I ask this for all of us in gratitude…




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