An Emotional Big Bang Theory{0}

Patterns, repetition and acceptance.  Philosophy, socratic method and quantum physics. Influence, memory and life experience.  The equilibrium of ones self-inflicted status can threaten to keep us stuck.

But is it really as simple as making the choice or is it more like becoming a modern day star?  So much work is done behind the scenes for so long but you only ever see the breakthrough.

I’m a visual, so for me it was inevitable that I had placed myself in a proverbial walnut shell.  It was safe like the rough unbreakable carapace.  Very slow moving inch by painful inch underneath but nonetheless making progress.

Not enough though.  Not enough progress that I felt alive or worthy or hungry. When had I stopped making eye contact? How could I stop reacting to the life trying to get my attention and not know? Where had I left my power?

Somehow far above the south on my way to New Orleans two weeks ago, I got a crack in my shell.  The deep breath was followed by a glistening of hope and before I knew it somewhere just past Texas, I stepped out into a world I hadn’t realized I let be taken from me.

My age fell away, the fears dissipated and I let the sparkles of my eyes lead me back to myself. Embracing the energetic cross fire that surrounded me, I comprehended what it meant to feel, understood what it felt like to trust and trusted in the art of letting go.

My emotional big bang theory would lead me on a quest that would show me that I really am still alive. That excuses are not allowed and an utter acceptance of encounters can teach us a lot about who we were, who we are and who we are supposed to be forever.

Some experiences are meant to move mountains. They are meant to change you in an epic way. They are meant to show you there is no going back. Evolution is inevitable.

Choose life. Get back to your origins of where it all began or where you let yourself fall by the wayside. Find your confidence. Let your thermometer light a fire under you. Let your heart explode and don’t worry yourself over the outcome.  Don’t accept judgements and don’t let others stifle your sense of style. Be creative and carefree and be true to yourself. Be kind and be lovely. Be humble and sincere. Be confident and outrageous.

Some things are what they are and they aren’t supposed to be more.  Choose to stay in the moment of the experience and know that whatever happens is supposed to happen. Let life take you on a magic carpet ride and don’t forget to laugh.

Oh and don’t ever take anything for granted.

Are you pushing through your barriers?





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