On the Look Out{0}

A modern day version of existentialism may never go out of style. A fate of uncertainty if you are flying blind but if you leap the net will appear.

Where ever you go there you are so when you finally wake up you might not recognize where you’re standing. Ignorance can be bliss but knowledge is crucial and awareness is half the battle.  The road less traveled may find you lost in the reactions of other peoples ignorance and dispair.

How do we calm the mind? When will we stop having so much to say? How will we implement our new belief systems so they become ingrained in us like the stamps in our passport?

The moment we stop reacting will be the moment we know peace. Letting yourself be affected by someone else’s short comings, essentially means you gave away your power. Even though the goal is to stay in the moment, know that the moment allots for the few seconds it takes to make your decision to engage or let it go.

Being in conflict over exchanges with others seems par for the course but does any of it really matter? Why would you let the denials of someone else’s past effect you? At the end of any given day, we all have our shit/baggage/patterns (whatever you want to call it), but the best way to get through life is to find people who’s shit is compatible with yours. Or people who care enough to help you unpack it.

Having been blessed with the wonderment of a child has fundamentally lead to me being the W Chaser.  I see when the intellect gets in the way by my gestures and reactions. I know when the Angels are by my side by my open will and expanded heart. I know when I am working through my own story by my relentless rhetoric and intrigue (like now).

Always on the look out for a sign, a message and some good ole fashion reinforcements brings with it a confidence that you really can ask and you shall receive.  So choose wisely. Know that sometimes, once you make that choice there’s no going back. Be clear on what the outcome should be. Know the what and let the Universe take care of the how.

While life waits for no one, love has been with us all along. I guess in the end you have to ask yourself, what is it that you’re waiting for? Or does it just seem like you’re waiting because you’re not sure what you’re looking for?

Maybe everything is just completely and utterly and unequivolcally exactly what it’s supposed to be so we should embrace it and bask in it and see where life takes us next.

And maybe instead of looking out we should be looking within. Maybe when we embrace what’s inside of us everything around us will come into clear uninterrupted focus.

There’s so much to see.  Are you looking?




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