Seal it With A Kiss{0}

What unseen fields are permeating your universe?  Do you view yourself as an organism in the environment?  What if I asked you to entertain the fact that you are an enviro-organism?  Are you willing to take a peek into your life to see what resides there?

It’s impossible to evolve if you don’t allow your perceptions to change with the times. We must entertain the notion that we are one with everything around us.  As we grow and learn and hypothesize over the transitions it will be inevitable that we alter our conclusions.

As we exchange energy with people we are given the gift of the mirror mirror on the wall. The triggers will either effect you, putting you in a state of transference, or they will intrigue you, putting you in a state of willingness to learn.

In the acceptance to learn from all encounters there will always be an energetic absorption of information.

Words only tell us so much, although sometimes too much and other times not enough.  If we don’t express ourselves completely and organically the listener is left to make their own assumptions. Words in the end can confuse things, make us stumble and make us second guess ourselves. Sometimes they are just used as a cover up for what we are really feeling anyway.

Our verbal perceptions of our sensibilities tend to get in the way. It’s not organic. As we exchange words we take away from what our innate messages are trying to tell us and each other.

When was the last time you had an animalistic exchange of emotions with someone? Have you ever looked into someones eyes and they said it all? A mirror into the soul. A reflection that can’t be masked or imitated.

Sometimes it’s better not to say anything. To just be. To envelope the purity in the silence. To express yourself in other ways. More powerful ways.

Change it with a dance. Finish it with a laugh. Move it with a hug. Seal it with a kiss.

Give in. Let go. Be one with everything around you. Trust it. Love it. Embody it.

In silence say I love you to yourself and to the world at large. Be one with the Universe and everything in it.

Hold hands.

Blow kisses.

Be grateful.