We have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Listen more, say less. But in a day in the life of a blurter it’s hard to keep cool without any auto correct.

The good thing is (or so I am told) blurters are people who can be trusted. They have no filter so they don’t have time to process a lie. Well how much trouble can that get you in?  A lot.

On my early morning walk today I realized something. I’ve crossed the threshold. My de-brainwashing myself is working and my undeniable faith that the Angels won’t leave my side opens me up to a perspective I might not have thought of on my own.

Having been the queen of pushing people away most of my life, I had perfected the art of saying the perfect thing that would prove me right. Sometimes I even surprised myself by the geeky, silly, makes no sense, should be a misdemeanor to be this verbally clumsy kind of nonsense. But in the end there is a purpose and there is a reason for everything.

And this too shall pass. With practice we get more in tune with what we desire. Within some experiences we might realize, “Oh drat, I kinda wanted more of that”, but there’s no going back and so we file away the memory and we are thankful for the reference of how we want it to be in the future.

Do you know how before you do something for the first time it can seem like the scariest thing, but then once you do it, you’re like, really? I was scared of that?!  That’s life for a lot of us. We get insecure, we stumble and we get self-conscious. Some of the most beautiful people in the world are the most insecure.  Some of the most intelligent people are the quietest.  Where do you fit in?

For most of us, we fall somewhere in the middle and we allow ourselves to fall prey to our own quintessential typos as if there is something wrong with being human. Being human unto itself should be considered super hero status. Our flaws make us unique, our quirks help us stand out, and our intrinsic spirits make us powerful.

Most of the time, if we were to keep score, we get exactly what we ask for. Whether you speak it aloud or write it down or let your incessant internal typewriter pulse away at the keys; your words, your thoughts and your intentions are forming the basis of how your life looks. Typos and all.

Life isn’t about auto-corrections. It’s about experiencing what comes. It takes practice to change and to allow and to create new things. It takes patience. You may have to visit the drawing board over and over until you get it right but your life’s purpose is worth every second you spend moving forward, not hovered over your typewriter with white-out.

Are there things I wish I would have done differently? Most certainly. Do I regret my experiences? Not all of them. Do I want what I can’t have? Not anymore.

Pushing past whatever story you thought you had written for yourself, is taking chances and not being concerned with the outcome. It’s breaking out of your shell no matter how scary. It’s not being afraid to falter. It’s walking up to a stranger and saying, “You’re cute”.

It’s getting out of your own way so you can be perfectly human in all it’s glorious imperfections and surprises.

And hopefully, most of the time, it’s taking life’s blunders, blurts and bloopers and letting them make you laugh.






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