Happily and Everly After{0}

Sharing something old, but always a welcome reminder, in honor of the weather, the peace and quiet and the truths within…
There has to be a window
So you can see past the waters edge
A wondrous rainbow of color awaits you,
If you just believe in what’s been said
If you listen to your heart
The words can speak in volumes
But you can’t fear the past
That’s been leaving you unraveled
The unknown is where
The answers are revealed
If you can keep the faith
In the truths that are concealed
Open up the lid of your life unlived
And all your truest passions
Will come rushing to be fulfilled
Get back up, brush yourself off
and find the faith
You’re supposed to lead by example
not give in to an endless chase
Even though in times of trouble
it’s hard to understand
Let your life catch up to you
and gently hold your hand
Know you were made with love
in the eyes of happiness and glory
And know that you were meant to be

A happily Ever After kind of story