There has always been a definite and compelling sense that I was different.  I was gifted with the hope and ability to see that I must be here for some predetermined purpose. How could one person have such tragic life experiences at such a young age?  What kind of karma was that?

Survival of the fittest and all and leaving nothing to happenstance, I embarked upon a series of experiments. My hypotheses have taught me that we have more power than we think and when we accept our experiences as the preceptors of the stars we can learn to adapt, change and form ourselves into whatever etherial being we wish to be.

I had been wishing to see someone I met out of town but I flubbed my way out of that one and now I have to adapt to the new turn of events. I will think of our adventure and while our  paths may never cross again, I appreciate the importance of learning to speak “guy” and in the same token learning the importance of a sense of humor.

We have to follow life’s cycles with ease and grace. It’s not just our blood that changes every 7 years. Our very makeup and core beliefs follow suit based on our openness and willingness to evolve.  It is inevitable that we (hopefully) experience a growth spurt and we come out of it with a highly uncommon clarity and a better understanding of life and ourselves.

The revelations can be intense but we can’t be scared of them. We can go from awkward to insightful in 60 seconds flat. It just requires fortitude, courage and flexibility, well and maybe a lot of practice.

The cycles of life are like the moon. We can’t fight the inevitability of growth and change. If we learn from our experiences, we can gain a sense of propriety that stands up to our moral fibers.

Not unlike a roller coaster  we will have our ups and downs.  We need to keep our sense of humor and we need to know that everything really does happen for a reason.  Just make a commitment to yourself to assimilate to the circumstance.

Life is full of opportunities to make fools of ourselves. We can’t take them back (and we shouldn’t want to) but we can ride out the cycles embracing the scenery, seeing what there is to learn and seeing where it can take us. Make every cycle you go through a time of progress.

Treasure who you are in the process, embrace who you pick up along the way, and make your contributions memorable. Commit to the changes of the cycles and go with the flow. Find your balance between the finite and infinite, matter and spirit, heart and soul.

Riding the waves of your cycles and being true to your innate nature is the basis for self-love and true happiness.







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