Honey Pot{0}

Enticing smiles break the mold and the release of yet another pattern under wraps.  Walk the path.  Back on course.  What would life be if you weren’t constantly tested and captivated by the unknown?  If you leap the net will appear.  A charming sensibility and capturing the essence of who you are supposed to be. Seducing life by enjoying it’s splendors sends you up quite a few notches on your latter.

the action or power of evoking interest, pleasure, or liking for someone or something

Your intrinsic values are non negotiable. Don’t let the conflict win.  Your peaceful nature wants to know balance and the attraction can be intoxicating. What a difference a day makes. What a ride. Always learning and taking the next step and not being afraid to be humbled. An attraction of epic porportions and it’s you in the mirror.

 a quality or feature of something or someone that evokes interest, liking, or desire

Adaptation and reinventing. Your moral fibers change with the years and what might have worked yesterday may need a monkey wrench today. Adjustments in your strategy and your proposal adds a guarantee to your very future.  Are you willing to sign your own contract?  Where will your ambitions take you?

a thing or place that draws visitors by providing something of interest or pleasure

You’ve been writing your own story all along. Your thoughts, your words and even your gestures are developing as you make each choice in every moment. The evolutionary flow of attraction can be as bitter as it is sweet. It can get the best of you and it can be the driving force of advancement.

Life will give you what you ask of it and like attracts like. Stay present and live and let live. You must be your own concoction and make it good.  Keep stirring your pot and spreading the love.  That sweet taste of honey.  Trust the process.  You never know what captivating surprises await you.


photo courtesy of http://www.wallcoo.net/nature/Kyoto_scene/html/wallpaper17.html