Not Transferable

Not Transferable {0}

Striving for perfection is a pursuit not without its stumbling blocks.  We have all been guilty of falling prey to the moment and you never know what it has in store for you.  Verbal blunders, anger and even moodiness are just  a few of the culprits that can wreak havoc on our exchanges and cause chaos(…)


Dreamy {0}

Don’t 2nd guess your choices.  Don’t question your decisions.  Don’t ponder over the past.  Don’t give up your dreams.  Don’t let someone else’s ignorance deter you.  Don’t let indecision rule you.  Don’t talk yourself out of it.  Don’t believe half of what you think.  Don’t let the pain get the best of you. Don’t spend(…)

Adjust Accordingly

Adjust Accordingly {1}

Life will give it what you ask of it, plain and simple. You have to remember that you are constantly putting off thought waves that help shape what happens to you. What you dwell on really does become that which you manifest. Your reality and your identity. You must remember some things when trying to pursue(…)

Clouds and Ad Libs

Clouds and Ad Libs {0}

There hasn’t been all that much to say. Maybe that means I’m out living instead of questioning. Thinking is good don’t get me wrong but too much thinking can back you into a corner.  This is not On Golden Pond anymore and the more you get out and interact and live your life the more(…)

A Little Less Censorship

A Little Less Censorship {0}

Coming out from under the umbrella. An attempt at being myself. How do you cross the threshold of censorship when you grew up in a town of what will the neighbors think.  I think the neighbors all have their own secrets and who gives a fuck what anyone thinks anyway. Having been separated by death(…)

Translucent Turnabouts

Translucent Turnabouts {0}

If I decided to go on a tangent would you let me?  I might show you I am no different than anyone else even while I think myself invisible.  Yes some times I will be the red balloon in your black and white picture book and sometimes you might be able to follow me, but not always. If(…)