Clouds and Ad Libs{0}

There hasn’t been all that much to say. Maybe that means I’m out living instead of questioning. Thinking is good don’t get me wrong but too much thinking can back you into a corner.  This is not On Golden Pond anymore and the more you get out and interact and live your life the more you learn. The more you grow.

I’ll never stop being the W Chaser and you should never stop wondering but the only way to stay in the moment is to get outside your head. Try smiling at a stranger and open the lines of communication.  Let your eyes speak for you and see where it takes you.

Try wearing something you wouldn’t normally wear.  Branch out of your comfort zone and don’t give a rats ass if anyone might be judging you.  Don’t let those people in your dance space.  Skip away leaving the echo of laughter behind you. 

Sometimes I get caught up in the moment of wanting something bad enough. Sometimes I go on tangents and I’m all over the place (like now). Maybe I sat down to say something but it lead to everything else.  A little contradiction never hurt anyone and life can be a game of ad libs sometimes.

Branching out of your morning pages and Julia Cameron helps you step out of the questions.  You hold the key to your own automaton and you can go whereever you want to go. Where will you lead? Will you let your life be a Tango? Can you speak your own language? How brave are you?

As the sun makes a path for itself through the clouds so must we get out and seize the day. Don’t ignore the little nudging your body is trying to tell you. The answers are there you just have to be honest with yourself.  Not everyone is going to be who you want them want to be. But how can they be, unless you know who you are.

This isn’t a set up or an arbitration.  This is your life and you should never settle.

Where are you going today?