Not Transferable{0}

Striving for perfection is a pursuit not without its stumbling blocks.  We have all been guilty of falling prey to the moment and you never know what it has in store for you.  Verbal blunders, anger and even moodiness are just  a few of the culprits that can wreak havoc on our exchanges and cause chaos and confusion.

Our emotional intelligence is weaved into our perceptions.  We grow up using all kinds of defense mechanisms and half the time we don’t even realize we’re actually hiding behind them.  If we react to others based on how we feel we are not being true to ourselves or our friendships.

We all know that when someone compliments us it usually means that person is in a good mood.  By the same token if someone criticizes us chances are they are having a bad day.  People aren’t always going to react to us the way we want them to.  They can’t always be accessible to feed our sometimes selfish necessity for attention.

How do we find the strength to live and let live?

Our emotional responses should not be transferable.  When someones behavior puts us in transference, the result can be a surprising and unsuspected display of irrational discontentment.

I’ve noticed something that might help us.  We must set out to stay in a place of awareness, to keep our thoughts focussed on the happy ones and we must sincerely appreciate ourselves and all that we’ve learned.  I’ve been feeling so grateful lately, it has put me in an entirely new head space.  I find myself full of awareness of my surroundings.  Hearing life’s callings proves to be a continuous gift and on this higher vibrational level we experience empathy instead of transference.  Up here it’s easy to live and let live because at the end of the day the world doesn’t really revolve around us and it’s important to give others their space and let them be who they need to be.

Well and hope they eventually figure this out too.






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