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We’re in it together this is our forever take a chance on something new life is an extravaganza so rise to the occasion the whole world is waiting for you . picture courtesy of http://www.wallpapershunt.com


Yes {1}

Time moves slow sometimes even when we think it’s a sprint.  Greatness doesn’t happen over night and the world has a way of reminding us that, that which is worth pursuing is worth the wait.   Being the queen of wanting immediate gratification doesn’t always lead to the open door.  Consistent planning, persistence and patience(…)


Concessions {0}

understanding  As we get older we tend to get set in our ways.  We get used to making our decisions based on our own needs in any given moment. Our wants tend to take precedence over consideration. Our personal pleasures have long since known negotiation.  We own it. We wear it well. We bask in(…)

Falling Up

Falling Up {0}

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud, was more painful then the risk it took blossom”      ~ Anaïs Nin Have you ever stumbled and fell but then decided to just stay put and see what you could learn?  Did you know that when you fall if you roll(…)

This Time Around

This Time Around {0}

Life and death.  The normal course of action most of us have to take.  Memories of a long lost so many years have past us by dear friend who let life get the best of him and chose another way.  Taking your own life is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. There is always(…)

Press Here

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Since we are all made of energy, it is hopeful that our energies connect with other peoples. The lessons lie within the people we surround ourselves with. We learn, we rebel, we appreciate, we fear, we love, we mirror, we communicate, we argue, we make up and we run but sometimes we stay. Some people may(…)

Lights On?

Lights On? {0}

Love yourself and you will know hope. Hope for the best and you will know faith. Have faith and you will know your truth. Your truth will release the sun from behind the darkest clouds. Love is the light that will lead the way. Consider love your conduit to long lasting relationships. It illuminates your innate(…)