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Since we are all made of energy, it is hopeful that our energies connect with other peoples. The lessons lie within the people we surround ourselves with. We learn, we rebel, we appreciate, we fear, we love, we mirror, we communicate, we argue, we make up and we run but sometimes we stay.
Some people may not ever know this.  But it does happen and there are many lessons to be learned when it does.  If you stay open and you recognize when something or someone is pushing your buttons it will help you be flexible in your communications.  If we don’t recognize when our buttons are being pushed we will stay obstinate in our ways. We will stay in transference and there won’t be any room for growth.
Being in transference is a guaranteed tried and true method for pushing people away.
My upbringing bred a very cautious disposition.  But I learned along the way that if you become too protective of yourself you will find yourself surrounded by people who can’t be trusted.  The earth’s energies have a way of proving you right and thank God, their was a different plan in store for me.
Once upon a time I opened myself up to a friend that at first I completely rebelled against. She was relentless in her undertaking to befriend me like someone out of Clueless yelling “project” with a valley girl accent.  She pushed my buttons in a mirror sort of way.  I wanted nothing to do with her until one day something clicked in me.  Having lived through a very severe illness my heart opened and when I saw her next, my energy recognized her.
That was 15 years ago and she is still to this day my closest thing to family.  One of my dearest and best friends that played a huge part in who I am today.  The friend that isn’t afraid to help you recognize when you’re letting the past interfere with the present and letting it flick the switch.
I recently came across a situation where my energy instantly recognized the energy of a stranger.  The encounters to follow were filled with coincidental occurrences and things that seemed familiar.  It was comfortable and natural and scared the hell out of me.  It pushed a different kind of buttons and I wasn’t sure what to do with those long forgotten feelings.  I almost let my patterns and my transferences of the past sever the energy chord of something that feels so right.
Be accountable. Let the energies of the earth lead the way.  Stay put and say sorry.  Don’t be afraid of the reminders.  Stay present.  Trust in your journey.  Brush yourself off again.  Welcome the trials and tribulations.  Embrace your courage.  Press here.
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