As we get older we tend to get set in our ways.  We get used to making our decisions based on our own needs in any given moment. Our wants tend to take precedence over consideration. Our personal pleasures have long since known negotiation.  We own it. We wear it well. We bask in individual satisfactions. We come and go as we please.  We walk away when it suits us. We got used to being alone.

happy medium

It’s possible that one day you wake up and you realize you have someone you enjoy spending time with. You laugh a lot. You’re open. There’s so much to say. Things in common. Private jokes. Big smiles. Singing songs and dancing in front of the fire.  Holidays come and go and you’re together.


You decided to wait on that next decision so you could discuss it.  You look forward to hearing stories.  You buy surprise gifts.  You leave little love notes. You see movies you wouldn’t usually see.  You cook together.  You wake up together laughing and looking forward to the day.


Love isn’t scary.  It’s happy compromise.




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