Land of Sun and Snow{0}

Angels reside here; in the land of sun and snow. born to be mad with a soft heart. there’s no anger here. (well not always) mushy self reflections. a roller coaster of he said she said brings you down to earth. parents weren’t any wiser. the baby boomer gone array. left to certain circumstance. consideration, your best friend. sometimes you look up and you find a place to run. deliberate pondering brings up memories from the past. they weren’t all bad and some of them didn’t last. hidden behind the face of work and now it’s spirits high. stocking up on memories in abundant supply.

a jack kerouac moment comes and goes. tom waits serenades you from the throne. archangels provide a getaway from that which you couldn’t know.

a sudden blast of relief when all else is not what it seems. laughter fills the air like a coupon once redeemed. once a crusade now a  campaign. an effervescent dispersion of the sun’s light after rain.

life is an extravaganza. rise to the occasion. letting go of all persuasion. be true to your emotions and honor them with care.  let all your stones be upturn, nurture them with prayer.

you’ll never be alone if you believe it to be so. happily ever after in the land of sun and snow.





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