Voices {0}

Believe it or not we are all cut from the same mold. We are human but we don’t have to be separate. We are all gifted with the wherewithal  of decision making and the choices we make do shape our lives.

Success isn’t born overnight. It takes planning and reinventing and tenacity. It takes some self manipulation and debrainwashing and a whole lot of courage.

Sometimes it even takes sitting on the side of your bed with a quiet mind and a prayer to whatever God you believe in.  Asking for help  to see you through uncertainty and petitioning for strength when you feel fragile.

But do know this.  Prayer alone will not save you, your God will not pay your rent, and the Universe can only help those that help themselves.

Betheny, one of my dearest friends and the closest thing I have to family is proof that when you go after what you want the world will give you what you ask for. I’ve written about her before because she never ceases to amaze me.  She knows what she wants and she never settles.  If she decides to go after something she maps out the goal and then she carefully and systematically follows the footsteps toward her objective.

Years ago she realized she was getting burnt out on the car shows even though they had been so good to her for so long.  It was an arduous schedule with an inordinate amount of traveling. It was time to think about what would come next.

She prayed for help and then she set out to help the Universe help her.  She started taking some voice lessons and loved it. She was a natural and could do everything from sexy raspy to cartoon voices.  She practiced and studied and took classes and workshops. She made a demo, she sent it out to agents, she took meetings and she got signed. She went on numerous auditions but wasn’t booking. She didn’t give up. She kept practicing and honing her craft. She kept auditioning. She started booking small commercial jobs. She kept going. She kept praying and she kept believing in herself and she kept auditioning some more.  This past week Betheny announced that she is the new voice of the entire Style Network.  A huge accomplishment and a dream come true. What most people don’t know is she has been up for this job before and has been trying to become this voice of the Style Network for over two years.

Most people don’t see their dreams come true or stop believing in prayer because they give up before the wishes are granted. You can’t ever give up pursuing and you can’t ever stop believing in yourself or your dreams.  Brush yourself off and get up and try again.  Do whatever it takes to keep your hopes alive.

Dreams do come true and prayers are always answered. You just have to help them with everything you’ve got so figure out what it is you love and follow it with all your heart.

Your voice is meant to be heard.



Sounds of Music {1}

Cars honking, planes landing and people talking on their phones. Boxes falling, garages opening and closing and shoe heels clanking across pavement.  Noise pollution can be so overwhelming.  People get affected.

But it’s not just life’s unmitigated sources that modify our moods.

I’ve just so happened to have numerous conversations lately about chatter. And not just the clamor and commotion of life passing by that can weigh on our nerves either.  It would seem the culprit is actually the inner jabbering that sends our minds to a boil.

I watched a lady yesterday yell profanities at a man in a passing car when she was the one who sped through the stop sign out of turn leaving the guy slamming on his breaks in the middle of a four way intersection. Late for work? Missing an important appointment?  Or just letting her own mind run away with her so she takes it out on the next unsuspecting individual to cross the path?

How ignorant can we be? Do we really not know yet that when you lash out someone else you might as well be looking in a mirror?  Have you not figured out a way to find your peace? You’re not still giving in to your childish reserves are you?

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, or where you come from.  Music is the perfect unmedicated, uncensored answer to mood enhancement.  It effects our heart rates and our breathing.  Sound waves effect our brain functions.

Music can actually make us better people. It can change habits, thwart off uneasy feelings and help you succeed in whatever journey you are embarking on.  Music helps us meditate, keeps us focussed and it can teach us. Music helps us be creative, uplifts our spirits and helps us get over bad breakups.

It’s surprising to me, how many people aren’t aware of the magical powers of the sounds of music.  Music can enhance a mood you are already in or it can completely alter your state of mind (whatever it might be).

Music is a universal language and it is always willing to help.

You just have to press play.






photo courtesy of http://www.fanpop.com

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