An Evolution of Things

An Evolution of Things {0}

We can’t evolve if we stay in hiding.  We can’t test our growth without interaction.  We can do the research and we can do the work but practice makes perfect and when we’re trying to get it right we need people. We need each other. We can only alter our reality by living it.  Development(…)

Steady Now

Steady Now {0}

 “If we’re growing,  we’re always going to be out of our comfort zone.” ~john maxwell There’s something powerful in knowing you made a different choice. You didn’t let your past reactions get in your way for long and the outcome is surprising.  Maybe your proverbial arnica is chiseling away at the symptoms so you control(…)

Ordinary Shnordinary

Ordinary Shnordinary {1}

Getting set in your ways is a common theology. You tell yourself a story enough times and you will have no choice but to believe it. It seems like common knowledge to me and even to some of you, but it’s astonishing how many people don’t believe in their own power. Falling into the trap(…)