An Evolution of Things{0}

We can’t evolve if we stay in hiding.  We can’t test our growth without interaction.  We can do the research and we can do the work but practice makes perfect and when we’re trying to get it right we need people. We need each other.

We can only alter our reality by living it.  Development happens in increments measured by what we’re willing to give. The expansion of our very nature will blossom if we get out and be one with the Universe and each other.

We are all mirrors. If we stay too long looking at our own reflection we will start to see things that aren’t really there. This isn’t Harry Potter. There won’t always be someone to pull us out from behind the facade. Living our lives give us meaning. Our exchanges teach us how to transform and grow and prosper. The energy traded between us creates a new existence.

Making a conscious effort to be surrounded by that which uplifts us, will alter our perceptions and give us new boundaries.  Codes are easy to live by but what are ours saying about us? Don’t be stifled.

Our existence is needed for the evolution of those we can come in contact with. We are here to teach someone something about themselves that we didn’t even know we knew. It’s not always about us. Step outside the confines of your mind and enter into your heart space. Let your intuition guide you into new territory.

Emerging from within happens when we own our decisions. When we make a choice we wouldn’t normally make, we are altering our consciousness forever.  What scares us the most is an illusion.  It always was and always will be.

Progressing into unchartered territory will help us expand our intellectual capabilities and help us see the world through rose colored glasses.

Together WE encompass the future.

Together WE make a difference.

Together WE can change the world.

The possibilities are endless. You are not where you’ve been. You are not who you were. You can be where you’re going.

You coming?


Special thanks to my friend and cherished business partner, Ali. Our friendship helps me grow in new ways everyday.



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