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        Thank you.  Simple and yet oh so powerful. Today say thank you to everything that comes your way and especially to yourself for all you accomplish.  Find as many things as you can to be thankful about.  As we embrace this beautiful day let’s bedazzle our moments with gratefulness.  Let’s heed the advise of Mr.  Magorium,(…)

A Miracle Was Born

A Miracle Was Born {1}

Today was busy!  It tested me. It showed me that sometimes life can get in our way.  Obstacles come flying at us before we can duck, road blocks stop us dead in our tracks and doors get slammed in our face.  But it doesn’t matter!   We can’t give up! Where there is a will there(…)

The Butterfly Papers – Sneak Peek!

The Butterfly Papers – Sneak Peek! {0}

Sometimes when we least expect it something unexpected happens.   This short story has turned out to be an interesting journey in a short amount of time and I find myself looking forward to the possibility of exploring it further and possibly bringing it to life.  In the meantime, my book description is now complete(…)

Update & News

Update & News {2}

  I hope you have had a magical and wonderful summer! It’s been a busy one so I haven’t been posting on my blog but I have been writing! My first novella “Life With One Eye Open, An Angel Guided Tale” is with an editor and I hope to have it published very soon. In(…)