The Butterfly Papers – Sneak Peek!{0}

butterflySometimes when we least expect it something unexpected happens.  

This short story has turned out to be an interesting journey in a short amount of time and I find myself looking forward to the possibility of exploring it further and possibly bringing it to life.  In the meantime, my book description is now complete and publishing is under way.  Too excited not to share.

“The Butterfly Papers” Vol. 1 

       Natália was used to traveling alone and she liked to keep her own company. As she headed to Los Angeles International Airport, the day seemed like any other day. She wasn’t traveling far, just an hour flight, and yet she was feeling something she couldn’t quite put her fingers on.

      There was a stirring deep within her daring her to step out of her comfort zone. She knew the Universe would collaborate in her favor, the elements usually did. But she would soon learn there was more to her than meets the eye when a series of ordinary events would produce extraordinary circumstances.

                                                                                            … EBook Coming October, 2013!