The Butterfly Papers Launch

The Butterfly Papers Launch {0}

Dreams come true and more to come…

Sleepless Streams

Sleepless Streams {0}

I used to want you to call me, but the phone’s been ripped from the wall. Tom Waits is trying too hard to tell me something and it gets lost in translation. It’s a long way up the totem pole and my headphones are in awe. Fish are messaging up to shore and somewhere a(…)

The Butterfly Papers Vol. 1 Announcement

The Butterfly Papers Vol. 1 Announcement {0}

The Butterfly Papers new Book Cover is here! It will be updated in online ebook stores this week! …And THANK YOU to my seven 5-star reviews on!!! I so appreciate you guys!!

!   More announcements to follow…

Some Assembly Required

Some Assembly Required {0}

Beautifully warm weather on the water and the rippling reminds me of moving forward. With a strong sense of propriety I’ve decided my hand-book must be missing pages but beating to my own drum has served me well. Missteps and mayhem keep the humor alive and it’s ironic that I have a sense of comedic(…)

Never Falter

Never Falter {0}

River skies and ancient waters, a moon drip shadow never falters, loves lost are memory gains, a willful heart and stormy rains, all is young in timely innocence, a playful grin of effervescence, remember the laughter and me, feel the love and be free

Snakeskin’s Other Layer

Snakeskin’s Other Layer {0}

By now, the darkness knows me on a first name basis. It comes to visit me like a family member you only see on holidays but with it’s arrival comes the most profound breakthroughs. When I look back over the years and the many visits, it has been during these times that I have been(…)

The Butterfly Papers Vol. 1 {0}

Today is an especially happy day!   Don’t ever stop pursuing, dreaming, laughing, believing.