Some Assembly Required{0}

Zen_Twilight_Wallpaper_yyfziBeautifully warm weather on the water and the rippling reminds me of moving forward. With a strong sense of propriety I’ve decided my hand-book must be missing pages but beating to my own drum has served me well. Missteps and mayhem keep the humor alive and it’s ironic that I have a sense of comedic timing at all.

One step forward and two steps back and thank God for second chances.

While not being privy to all of the instructions may be cause for alarm, our common sense should be able to fill in the blanks. Life is a like a game of ad-libs. Venture to follow the culprit of necessary struggles, and here in lies the rub. It’s in the struggles that we can become friends with our sunny dispositions.

If everything were easy, who would that make us? When putting ourselves together we need to have some faith. We need to know when to use a little WD40 to loosen our grasp and when we should take out the wrench to help reign it all in.

¬†Assimilate all there is to be thankful for and widen your reach. When you find yourself somewhere, you just don’t fit, laugh it off. Embrace the differences of every piece of the puzzle. Accept that what you bring to the table might just round out the edges.

Don’t be homogenized in someone else’s scrabble game. Know who you are and spell it out loud and clear. Even if sometimes you are missing a letter, don’t let it keep you from being you. As long as you are learning and thinking outside the box you are automatically adjusting according to size.

Don’t be afraid that a little assembly is required. Keep rolling the dice and see where it takes you. There are usually a few bolts left over anyway, right? Hold on to those like a monopoly piece. Let them be your get out of jail free cards.

What are you going to do with yours?