Sleepless Streams{0}

child-shaman-flower-under-night-sky-wallpaperI used to want you to call me, but the phone’s been ripped from the wall. Tom Waits is trying too hard to tell me something and it gets lost in translation. It’s a long way up the totem pole and my headphones are in awe. Fish are messaging up to shore and somewhere a record skips. Is this some crazy déjà vu? Below the confines of downtown abbey Shakespeare got left behind and it was him that drank your martini. Facebook has turned us all into narcissists and friends aren’t always who you want them to be. How far will your hopscotch take you before the government makes another speech and someone else is out of work? A family of 5 rides through Bali with a refrigerator on their back. The investment banker takes off his tie for the last time. The antique shop owns a bull and where’s America when you need her? A night out in Madrid will help you forget all about the untouched espresso and it’s like water for chocolate. The regatta boats are docked under a cloudy sky and the birds flew south days ago.  Somewhere someones sleeping while Sean Penn Hurly Burly’s. Shaman whispers counting sheep and the dream isn’t far behind. This has nothing to do with anything and everything to do with the fact that I just can’t sleep. Insomnia much?




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