Easter Reflections

Easter Reflections {0}

Yesterday was a beautiful day with friends and food and gratitude. My friend Dawn summed it up the best so I have to share what she had to say.. Thank You as always Dr. Michael Beckwith and AGAPE! http://agapelive.com Happy Easter! Today’s service spoke to the resurrection of our individual spirits. This day represents Jesus the Christ(…)

Time Lapse

Time Lapse {0}

There can be no manipulating the meaning. The selfie has become the new view finder and the rat race of silicone valley sealed our fate. The human race is now tangled into the web like food. Nothing but prey. The consumer. A new breed of narcissist. A world consumed by the I syndrome and Hoover may have(…)

Feeling Gratitude

Feeling Gratitude {0}

In need of some good old fashion childlike reminding. The past has no hold on us. Be steadfast in your ability to forgive and release. Be thankful you have the ability to choose a different route. Be kind to yourself and look the other way. Be forgiving that some people just don’t know any better.(…)