On The Other Side of the Bridge

On The Other Side of the Bridge {0}

Life With One Eye Open the novel has become bigger than me.  It’s unexpected but not surprising.  The outline is well underway for the Trilogy and the first two chapters of the sequel are complete (well the first draft is complete) and the working title has been registered. For those of you who have read(…)

Kirkus Review {0}

Thank you for being with me on this journey. As a special thank you to those who have read the novel “Life With One Eye Open” I will be posting the first chapter from book 2 of the trilogy.  The working title for Book 2 is “On the Other Side of the Bridge” In the(…)

BookPlex – A Book Review

BookPlex – A Book Review {1}

Putting yourself out there is humbling. Hearing the truth is scary. We don’t know if what we have to say will resonate with everyone but not putting yourself out there seems scarier to me. I like being out on the limb. If you leap the net will appear. Like with anything we do, some people(…)