Illumination {0}

Love yourself and you will know hope. Hope for the best and you will know faith. Have faith and you will know your truth. Your truth will release the sun from behind the darkest clouds. Love is the light that will lead the way. Consider love your conduit to long lasting relationships. It illuminates your innate(…)

#KeepOnKeepingOn – Finding Words of Wisdom

#KeepOnKeepingOn – Finding Words of Wisdom {1}

I woke up in the morning wondering again what Bill Gates would have done. The curveballs were flying past my head like a batting cage gone array, so I did what any other crazy person would do. I ducked out of the way and got to figuring out a way to keep this going.  The(…)

No More Hiding

No More Hiding {0}

Yesterdays’ misconceptions led to silent sobriety. How can anyone know you if you don’t know yourself? Come out from hiding. Quiet reverie finds you not having sipped confidence from a bottle in a very long time.  Letting the past play out like a moving picture book in a notepad. The last page blank. You’ve arrived. What(…)