Swinging Pendulum

Swinging Pendulum {0}

Even during the rants and raves it seems my common thread is holding it together. I feel the upswing and refuse to falter. Staying true to what’s important. Every tear shed a reminder of where you’ve been. Every smile your calling card. Be present. Quiet the mind. Stay humble. Be outrageous. There is only one(…)

Shadow Music

Shadow Music {0}

If there isn’t anything to say does it mean I’m listening? My socially awkward tends to like the quiet. Self consciousness my song without words. My heart the violin but a whisper under the organ of my mind. Relentless thoughts drumming past me wake me up.  Not as tired as I was has my synapsis(…)

Soul Silence

Soul Silence {0}

I’m just tired enough to know emotionally unavailable has taken over my soul. I think I’ve lost the key to where my heart is kept. Maybe you took it with you when you left. Can you see me from where you are? Dangling from the moon or dancing in the stars. I hope so. What’s(…)

Dream Sightings

Dream Sightings {0}

My truth in the moment changes with the moon… embracing my precarious nature that shall teach me something soon. Anything that will keep me from falling off the edge… perhaps it was another lifetime that has now surely past so I wonder around aimlessly seeking shelter from the vast… emptiness. The countless times I’ve seen(…)