22c65432873effc2c775e4bb2b372724Time in an hour glass. You can try to catch the sand but the gravity pulls it thru your fingers as seamless as liquid. The bottom fills at a slow pace wrapping itself around you like a hug. Eventually it feels soft against your skin. It doesn’t mean sometimes it’s not hard to breath. The quiet reverberates loudly in your ears.  Inevitably, alone will make you shy. The world moves fast and round about the stillness. The glass seems unbreakable. Thoughts keep you occupied. Singing Angels your company. Never scared for it. It just is what is. There’s knowledge here in the nothing. Some answers only found in silence. Letting dreams catch you. Blowing dandelions. Butterfly kisses. Wishes not far behind. I still can’t help but wonder tho, who will turn this thing over if it starts to cover my head?