Who Resides Here{0}


You ever try to go against the grain? The grain that is your life? The essence of who you are and are meant to be? You can’t fight against your essence. It will always be exhausting. You can fight the urge all you want but if your life is trying to tell you something different, I promise you, your life will win.

Give it up. Stop fighting. Surrender. Let your free will take hold of you and show you who you are. You were meant to be. Sign the waiver of release so the world can see you. So you can see you. You’re in there. And it’s time to find yourself again.

Be quiet. Keep to yourself if you need to. Don’t be influenced or provoked. Know the truth is being spoken to you with what isn’t said. Know when stories change and mood swings collide it doesn’t matter what someone else’s truths are. Know you only have yourself to answer to. Don’t be persuaded in the wrong direction. Don’t be manipulated.

Like the call of an animal, the compulsion to be who you were meant to be will reside just below your surface. If you’re going to stay true, you won’t be able to fight it. Let it stir and hope it wakes you.

Like the humming of a bird, give in to the urge to sing and release your trepidations. Keep your thoughts and words as pure as you are and soar to new heights. Let it fly and hope it wakes you.

As true as laughter is a smile that bursts, you are a walking ray of sunshine. You were meant to be happy and your eyes were made to sparkle. Let the giggle free and hope it wakes you.

It’s time to get up. It’s time to play. It’s time to embrace your likeness of being. Live and let live. Dance like no one is watching. Trust your instincts. They always tell the truth. This is where you reside. In your own residence of your true self.