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Safety Deposit Box {0}

~ An Introductory Guide to Conscious/Subconscious Congruency ~

Part I

  1. Knowledge: The subconscious mind vs. the conscious mind
  2. Acceptance: The power of taking full deep deliberate breaths
  3. Compliance: Your willingness to get completely relaxed
  4. Simplicity: Trance like state where you are still alert and aware
  5. Commitment: Subconscious suggestibility
  6. Understanding: Logical mind (conscious) vs. Feeling’s mind (subconscious)
  7. Belief: You hold the power to change your thoughts
  8. Growth: When your conscious actions and thoughts are congruent with your subconscious feelings

As a certified hypnotherapist and avid life lesson analyst, I get very excited when asked to talk about the subconscious mind because I’ve spent most of my adult life performing what I call experiments, always delving deeper into the psyche. As I got older, I was like wait a minute. How come I keep doing that? How come I keep saying this? It can’t be a coincidence that my last three relationships resembled one or both of my parents. And when I say relationships it doesn’t just mean intimate relationships. This philosophy extends to friends, colleagues, and even bosses. Have you ever heard the expression; you attract that which you know? We tend to surround ourselves with what is familiar and we’re not the only ones. Our parents did the same thing, as did their parents and theirs… back even further through the ancestral lineage. In my novel, The Karma Chronicles Part 1 Hadrians Seal (Balboa Press a subsidiary of Hay House Publishing, 2017), which is book one of a trilogy, I take a good look at how often-certain patterns and habits get repeated and quite possibly passed down through the ages. Tackling the realities of generational curses, the vicious cycle of bad choices, and submitting to the negative self-talk of personal demons. Today I want to talk about how we have all become experts in recreating familiar experiences. And even though we may say we want something new and different and we really mean it, we keep finding ourselves still repeating the patterns. This is because the thoughts and words that come out of our mouths are not congruent with the feelings deep within us that were formulated in childhood.

Can you imagine a life where everything is possible?

Think of the subconscious mind as your internal safety deposit box. It is literally a memory bank full of defined childhood experiences. Our deposits are made in the form of experiences, thoughts, and cognitive behaviors. As we grew up these emotional deposits became a collective of stored perceptions. And it’s these insights that developed into our very personal model of the world. The subconscious mind processes the deposits and your conscious mind makes withdrawals in the form of involuntary functions, emotions, and habits. Most of our emotional conditionings were programmed in early childhood before our mental faculties matured. These programming’s resulted arbitrarily and were influenced by parents, teachers, peers, TV and, recently, from computer games. Freud said, “Emotional reactions are learned emotionally in childhood and this is carried into adulthood. When we are children, we do not have the faculties that we do in adulthood. We do not know what we are going to need as an adult to cope with situations. Therefore, as adults we (often) react as children.” Thus, our conscious mind reacts by the collective belief system stored in our safety deposit box. And even though these are old programs they are still influencing and possibly controlling our behavior even though many are counterproductive. There is of great importance in investing the time to train your minds to work together. Getting these two parts to be congruent with each other is when your actions and reactions are aligned with your current belief system and values. This occurs when your conscious mind trusts and consolidates the wealth of information the subconscious mind has to offer and this payoff will literally change our life. This is the ultimate win-win situation and harmony in your life will prevail.

Self-hypnosis is a proven effective tool for funding your subconscious mind with new thoughts and habits that are withdrawal ready. Self-hypnosis is a natural, relaxed trance like state of focused awareness. Unlike in sleep you are alert and in control the whole time. This relaxed state is a gateway to your subconscious mind (or habitual mind) where your innate habits and patterns reside. Self-hypnosis is a state where you become receptive to positive suggestions for change. There is an unlimited power source in your mental bank and only you hold the key that will open it. Your subconscious is the source of your motivation, ambition, patterns, habits, emotions, self-talk, behaviors, and attitudes.  

We hold the key to our personal power and with the right tools we can invoke permanent change. I think it’s time for some experiments and personal investigations. You in?


Part II

              coming soon…

Value {0}

“What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve”.  Napoleon Hill.

Hill was one of Americas earliest writers of personal-achievement compositions.  His research into the philosophy of success and personal achievement found him interviewing some of the greatest success stories of his time.  From Alexander Graham Bell to John Rockefeller, from Tomas Edison to President Theodore Roosevelt.

They say that when the pupil is ready the teacher will appear.  Well for me, at eighteen years old walking the aisles of Barnes n Noble, my first professor would fall at my feet, literally.

Think and Go Rich by Napoleon Hill.  Half of what I read I didn’t understand but what I did grasp, I absorbed like soil drinks water.  I trusted him.  My teacher was an advocate for Rags to Riches and I was certainly feeling pretty ragged.

I quickly realized that it wasn’t the kind of book that you read.  It’s the kind of book that you do.  So I did.  And when I was done doing that book I wanted more.  His first book, The Law of Success, broke down a persons potential in steps. Some of them made sense but some were totally greek.  But I check back in with my teacher every once in a while to see if any of these laws jump out at me.  I have spent lots of time with some of these laws over the years, while others have yet to introduce themselves.

Of course once I had one teacher I thirsted for so much more.   Benjamin Franklin, Andrew Carnegie, Og Mandino, Deepak Chopra.  The list is long.  But so is life, and you’ve got to fill it.

Creation, manifestation and undeniable faith define the pivotal moments in our lives.  Our own possibilities for greatness are endless and what we focus on becomes our reality.  I have been spending a lot of time with my friends lately having “pow wow” creative meetings.  We have pooled our resources and are launching a company together that I will share with you soon.

Yesterday we even came up with an idea for a new show and so we are moving forward with a plan of action to bring our idea to life.  The Universe sends down millions of ideas every second and many people receive these ideas in all different forms.  Some spring into action while others sit negatively griping, harping and beside themselves with jealousy.  Yuck.  Where’s the value in that?

We are all here to add value to life not to spread negativity.  On a hike with one my best friends and business partners, I had another epiphany and this is a visual I will never forget.

Being positive is really light.  It’s like a weight lifted off your shoulders.  You have a spring in your step, a hum in your voice and anything is possible.  But then there is also negativity.  Negativity is heavy.  Really heavy.  And there will always be these two types of people.  Negative and Positive.  And sometimes we will be one or the other in our lives.  And when someone is negative, whether they know they are doing it or not the positive wants to save them, help them, uplift them.  As much as we want to uplift them out of the dreary shackles of gloom chances are they will bring us down to where they are instead and here’s why.  Think about this for a moment.  Picture it.

You are standing on a ledge and in your hands you hold a rope and at the end of that rope is something really really heavy (negative).  You start to pull.  You pull with all your might.  But it doesn’t budge.  You can’t lift the heavy at all.   But now picture that you’re the heavy.  You too hold a rope in your hand and when you look up to see what is on the other end of the rope you see something light (positive) above you.  Without a second glance you give a small tug and guess what?  That light (positive) at the end of your rope is now lying in a puddle at your feet covered in negativity.

Sometimes we have to let people work through there own values.  They have to make their own choices.  We can be there for them but we shouldn’t try to lift them or pull them or engage in the negativity because chances are you will find yourself knee deep in unsurmountable turmoil that isn’t even yours.  We all need to go through our own processes.  We need to live and let live.  We can still share with the people we care about and let them know the importance of the value they bring to the world but that’s all you can do.  Suggest.

The way we speak and act toward others and the earth declares the value we bring to the world.  Are we setting good examples for those around us?  What are we saying about our friends and family?  Do we share our own stories or do we gossip about others?  Do we look to see what we can do to better ourselves and the world or do we seek ways to bring other people down to our level?

value |ˈvalyoō|nounthe regard that something is held to deserve; the importance or preciousness of something 
Let’s find something about ourselves that we value and let’s embrace it for theentire day.  I bet that if we value something in ourselves we will be moresusceptible to seeing the value in others.

Care to wager?

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