Your Influential Mind

Your Influential Mind {0}

Letting go isn’t falling and I have settled in nicely with the truth. Our conscious mind adopted habits and patterns that didn’t resonate with our intrinsic values.  What a metaphysical mess. The subconscious mind (also known as the unconscious mind) has been waiting patiently and silently to help us change the course of our lives.  It only(…)

Expecting Miracles, Creates Miracles

Expecting Miracles, Creates Miracles {0}

What would you do if tomorrow didn’t come?  Would you still wait?  What would you say if you knew it had to be today? Would you still be silent?  Who would you be if you only had now?   There is no better time than the present. The next minute may never come so be(…)

Your mind is a Garden

Your mind is a Garden {0}

Wow. The ups and downs of life just don’t let up. Thank God, we’re never given more than we can handle.   My life has been complex. Like an atom that splits into a gazillion particles. The particles become the images of my mind. They are filled with intrigue and humility & strength and courage.  They are constantly coaxing me(…)

The Art of Letting Go {0}

It’s been a while since we had a “check in” so today is the day.  I for one had a very interesting epiphany this evening.  It’s possible that my lucid coherence to the facts brings me a step closer to grasping the art of letting go. For this I am thankful and I am also(…)

Batteries Not Included {0}

Can we keep life un-daunting?Being the W Chaser I have more to askThere’s no need to be apprehensiveSo come out from behind the mask There’s an unwritten rule you can findWithin the chains of our DNA makeupPeople can’t let us downIf we don’t allow them to hold us up Just put one foot in front(…)

A Much Needed Reminder {0}

   The beauty of viewing the world as it is being seen thru the eyes of a child means possessing the gift of seeing everything for the first time over and over.  Seeing in color, comparing shapes, wondering at the smallest insect as it carries 10 times it’s weight.  Trying things for the first time. (…)