Your Influential Mind

Your Influential Mind {0}

Letting go isn’t falling and I have settled in nicely with the truth. Our conscious mind adopted habits and patterns that didn’t resonate with our intrinsic values.  What a metaphysical mess. The subconscious mind (also known as the unconscious mind) has been waiting patiently and silently to help us change the course of our lives.  It only(…)

Your mind is a Garden

Your mind is a Garden {0}

Wow. The ups and downs of life just don’t let up. Thank God, we’re never given more than we can handle.   My life has been complex. Like an atom that splits into a gazillion particles. The particles become the images of my mind. They are filled with intrigue and humility & strength and courage.  They are constantly coaxing me(…)

To Do List

To Do List {0}

                               “Today’s accomplishments were yesterday’s impossibilities“.                                                                       (…)

Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream {0}

I’ve been moved by a movie.  A place where visions come to life, messages are there for the taking and dreams really do come true. Movies represent life. They are adaptations of someones version of a story. They can be based on real life or make believe. They can be silent or they can be(…)

Shifts & Check In Number 9 {0}

Time sure does pass when you are focussing on other things.  Spring is trying to decide if it’s really here or not with warm weather one day and cold wind the next.  But the sun is out and brings promise.  How’s your check in experiment going?  Are you still pursuing? This morning on my walk(…)