Your mind is a Garden {0}

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAKaAAAAJDcyODg4NzFkLWFhZTYtNGIyOS1iZWY4LWYyNWU1YjkwMWFiMgWow. The ups and downs of life just don’t let up. Thank God, we’re never given more than we can handle.  

My life has been complex. Like an atom that splits into a gazillion particles. The particles become the images of my mind. They are filled with intrigue and humility & strength and courage.  They are constantly coaxing me to persevere.

Through the frequent visits into my subconscious, I am deciphering the codes of my patterns and habits. My mind is giving me new insight into the values I hold dear.

The evidence is so clear. It always is. My conscious mind was so focussed on what I didn’t want and that is exactly what I got. No surprise there. I know better. But down the rabbit hole I went. But of course, as you know, I never let anything hold me back.

I am the constant wonderer.  Ruled my inner child, it’s time to hold hands with my intellect and for my intellect to hold hands with my body who is holding hands with my spirit.  This I can work with.  A quadrinity of the self.  And when we are one I can clear my mind of conscious clutter so I can heed the advice and suggestions of my subconscious. This is where the answers are. This is where I will be able to reinforce and replace the self limiting beliefs with new thoughts and actions of empowerment. 

The quantum physics of thought. You become what you think.

The unlimited power within is like a locked door and only we hold the key that will open it.  

My message has been loud and clear. How can I be of service? By being a guide for others. I will guide you to the source that holds all the answers… Your mind! 

Are you ready to plant your seeds?

… to be continued


Faster Quicker Now, Ready Set Go {0}

Did you make your list of all the things you want to accomplish? How many things are on your list this year? One? One hundred? How many times over the years have you attempted to set your goals in motion but after a few days or a few weeks the nostalgia wore off and you just gave up in the eyes of rejection or failure?

What if awareness, accountability and conjecture are jumping off points to your successful completion of any tasks, goals and new triumphs?  If you know what you want to change or accomplish you need to find the tools that work best for you.

Benjamin Franklin (I highly suggest you read his autobiography) had been an inspiration to me for a long time but I lost track of what the messages were and strayed off my intended path. It’s never too late to re-inspire yourself and find your way home. Figure out what you want to be doing in life, find people that are doing those things and then surround yourself by those people. Find an inspiration or a mentor, a life coach or a support group.

At 21, Franklin created the JUNTO, a group of “like minded aspiring artisans and tradesmen who hoped to improve themselves while they improved their community.” There are modern day versions of these kinds of groups and with access to the internet the possibility of connecting with like minded spirits is now incredibly accessible.

Workshops, forums, and on line chat groups have been created for every industry, career path and spiritual journey you may want to embark upon.  If you don’t fair well in groups maybe a one on one life coach is better suited for you and your dreams. Or maybe it’s as simple as getting with a friend that has similar aspirations and honoring the buddy system.

My life coach/hypnotist, Thorance Tweten, CHt ( shared this with me yesterday and suggested that I pay it forward. I am honored to be in a position that I can share this with you.

Today I am setting my sights (and yours if you want to join me) on a new course. A 30 day challenge. Today take the time to make your mind movie or power point presentation (directions below) and watch your movie 3 times a day for 30 days.  I suggest we watch it in the morning when we wake up, after our mid day meal and then again before we go to bed.

This is a great goal setting idea you can put into action immediately.

Have you ever heard of a mind movie?  It is like written goals on steroids.  The concept is to put your goals into a movie and add music.  Imagine if you had a 2-3 minute movie of your goals that you could watch one or more times per day.  If you had this movie you almost certainly would achieve more of your goals faster.

If you know how to make a movie on your computer then, take action on the idea.  If you don’t know how to make a movie here is a great alternative.

You probably have PowerPoint or Keynote on your computer.  Put your goals into PowerPoint.  You can find pictures of your goals by doing an image search on Google.  For example if you want a new car you can go to Google and do an image search for the car you want.  Cut and paste the picture into the PowerPoint.  

Once you have created the PowerPoint slides you can set up a slideshow.  What that means is you can set a timer on each slide.  For example you can have the slides automatically rotate to the next slide every 4-6 seconds.

Once you have your slides done and a time set up to rotate each slide you can then add music.  The way I add music is I have Itunes on my computer.  I pick an upbeat song and have it playing in the background while the PowerPoint slides are playing.

The end result is you have a custom movie with your goals playing while listening to one of your favorite songs.

If you will watch this movie 1 or more times per day you should achieve your 2012 goals faster.  If you like this idea, pay it forward by sharing the idea with others.

Remember repetition breeds success.

Are you Ready? Set! Go! 



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Trigger Inspirations {0}

The scent of a certain perfume invokes a long lost memory, the sight of a red balloon reminds you of your childhood, a song takes you back to a time almost forgotten.

Memories are a funny thing and it would seem, sometimes, they have a mind of their own. They can come out of nowhere and take us by surprise and they can change our temperament with just a fleeting glimpse.  While they can uplift us, they can also emotionally cripple us.  They can keep us stuck and they can ruin a good thing with a drop of a hat.

Like with everything in our lives, we have the power to pick and choose how our memories affect us. While it is inevitable that sometimes the reminders aren’t pleasant, it is most certainly possible to have a handy dandy trigger standing by eager to be of service.

Our positive inspiration trigger can be anything we want it to be.  It can be a word, a scent, an object or a color. I suggest a trigger that we can spot often in everyday life, thus we be constantly reminded of our intention. Repetition will be our key to success. This is an exercise in change and change takes commitment. Whenever a thought, a situation or a story threatens to change our sunny disposition, we should call upon our trigger to instantly uplift our spirits and regain control of the situation.

The more we call upon our inspiration the more spontaneous the action will become. We are de-brainwashing ourselves of the thoughts that are keeping us stifled. We are taking control of our lives and the possibility that we can accomplish anything we set our minds too. WE are rewriting our story, reprogramming our reactions, and taking positive action to become the master of our emotions.

When we are in a place of positivity our exchanges will be more intelligent, our aspirations more creative, and our smile a constant companion. If we practice using our triggers as much as we can we are promised to see what a difference a day makes.

I choose the color blue.  Any and all shades of blue so that my happy inspiration trigger will be visible everywhere I look.

What are you going to choose?

Buyers Remorse {0}

Is it possible to avoid regret?  Should we even try?  What if our regrets are necessary?

regret –  feel sad, repentant, or disappointed over (something that has happened or been done, esp a loss or missed opportunity)

Regret can be a very strong emotion and we need to be careful not to let these moments of guilt keep us stuck.  Guilt is a very strong emotion that can lead to serious illness if not nurtured and cleared.

When we are resentful toward other people because they have more than us, we risk living in someone else’s shadow.  This type of thinking holds us back, leaves us feeling inadequate and can amount to us giving up on our own dreams and potential.

It’s one thing to regret something we have done but we must be mindful that we don’t become consumed by circumstances that we are less than proud of.  We can’t give our misdeeds that much power.  
We also need to forgive ourselves.  We shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves for not always being perfect.  Sometimes we make the wrong choices.  Sometimes our circumstances call for drastic measures.  Sometimes our fight against nature vs. nurture gets the best of us and we find ourselves in precarious situations.  
Is it weakness to give in or are we strong for wanting to get away from it all?  I learned to hide from the past.  Somewhere along the way I acquired a love for the night and all that it brings.  If I counted all the nights I have had the number of missed days would be staggering.  
With the missed days come many missed opportunities.  But I wasn’t strong enough to face the daylight and look at myself in the mirror.  I was too busy hiding.  Hiding from my past and all that had been done to me.  I was also hiding from the things I have done to others.  I couldn’t face them.  It was all too much.  But then one day you wake up and the payoff of regret isn’t enough anymore.  You’re still emotionally broke and crippled by the why me’s of it all.
Regret can be healthy if we keep it all in perspective.  Go easy.  We shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves.  Our lives aren’t backed by buyers remorse.  We can’t exchange those moments for new ones or give ourselves back since we weren’t given a receipt to begin with.
Suck it up!  Take out a sheet of paper and fold it in half.  Label one column regrets and the other column outcome.  In the first column (obviously) make a list of everything you regret.   The other column should be a list of the things that have come out of the regretted experience.  And chances are there will be some things on the outcome column that will make you smile and that will quite possibly help you realize that we can find the positive counterpart in most everything we do if we take the time to be nice to ourselves and look deep within to that place of purity.  
If we take the time to nurture ourselves, forgiveness will come.  If we can make allowances for things we got wrong next time we will get it right.  
My list is long. I was harboring resentments I didn’t even know I had.  I have been so angry.  But I was also in serious denial about how angry I was at my parents and my upbringing and all the horrible things that have ever happened to me that it was hard to see what I was bringing to the table.   
I was so busy trying to be happy that I chased happiness for the moment, in the night, only to be left more bereft then when I started.  I’ve regained my composure and I have decided to make peace with my resentments, my regrets, and all the things I can’t take back.  I’m being accountable and I am sorry.  Sorry to myself and sorry to those I have wronged or hurt along the way.  
I am thankful to have found the courage to persevere.  When facing the eyes of adversity I am making different choices now.  I haven’t seen the midnight moon in a long time.  And my time spent in the sun has brought with it a courage I hadn’t known before.  
Do I wish my past had been different?  Yes, I still do.  But who I am today is because of all the things that happened along the way.  The list of accomplishment is long.  Today, I can honestly say, I don’t regret who I am now.  
What does your list look like?

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