#curveball – What Would Bill Gates Do?

#curveball – What Would Bill Gates Do? {0}

So, as I was saying… In April – 2014 I attempted to self finance the manufacturing of 5000 units of my Rock Your Kicks DIY paint kit.  At the time, I couldn’t afford to have the paint company put our private labels on the jars so I had to source the labels elsewhere and prepare(…)

#StartUp – Footsteps to Follow

#StartUp – Footsteps to Follow {0}

“If you leap the net will appear” ~John Burroughs.  This has been my self professed motto for as long as I can remember. The odds were against me. Book smarts lost. Street survival prevailed. The lack of parental supervision could have lead me down a dark and dreary path (and I was headed that way(…)

Be Present

Be Present {0}

I know you’re there. Sneaking around as if sight unseen. Trying to whisper reminders as if they could sway me. Well I won’t return. Not even with the sound of your steps following on my heels. Breathing down my neck. Trying to capture me like a Polaroid. Time can’t allow it. It won’t stand still long enough. You had your chance. You don’t get(…)

Forgive and Be Free

Forgive and Be Free {0}

Having been away from the page for so long has not been without its benefits. There has been so much going on, coming up for air seemed very far away. But you have to remember to breath. And my breath are my words. I don’t know about you, but I’m not one to make new(…)

On The Other Side of the Bridge

On The Other Side of the Bridge {0}

Life With One Eye Open the novel has become bigger than me.  It’s unexpected but not surprising.  The outline is well underway for the Trilogy and the first two chapters of the sequel are complete (well the first draft is complete) and the working title has been registered. For those of you who have read(…)

Kirkus Review {0}

Thank you for being with me on this journey. As a special thank you to those who have read the novel “Life With One Eye Open” I will be posting the first chapter from book 2 of the trilogy.  The working title for Book 2 is “On the Other Side of the Bridge” In the(…)

BookPlex – A Book Review

BookPlex – A Book Review {1}

Putting yourself out there is humbling. Hearing the truth is scary. We don’t know if what we have to say will resonate with everyone but not putting yourself out there seems scarier to me. I like being out on the limb. If you leap the net will appear. Like with anything we do, some people(…)

The Empathy Gene

The Empathy Gene {0}

Emotional responses are at the core of our unconscious makeup. We are programmed, destined and wired to react in a way that is based on the stories we grew up in. Our interactions with people can significantly alter our state of consciousness if we don’t have a grasp on our own reality. The way we(…)

Easter Reflections

Easter Reflections {0}

Yesterday was a beautiful day with friends and food and gratitude. My friend Dawn summed it up the best so I have to share what she had to say.. Thank You as always Dr. Michael Beckwith and AGAPE! http://agapelive.com Happy Easter! Today’s service spoke to the resurrection of our individual spirits. This day represents Jesus the Christ(…)

Time Lapse

Time Lapse {0}

There can be no manipulating the meaning. The selfie has become the new view finder and the rat race of silicone valley sealed our fate. The human race is now tangled into the web like food. Nothing but prey. The consumer. A new breed of narcissist. A world consumed by the I syndrome and Hoover may have(…)