Follow Your Heart {0}

It has been said on occasion that we must find out for ourselves what it is we wish to do and then to take the necessary steps to fulfill it.  And yet so many are caught up in a race they can’t get out of. They forget about the childhood dreams, they forget about the(…)

Promise {2}

A leap of faith and I join you in an epic adventure.  An autonomous decree that if I miss, the stars will catch me.  I become one with you and the world is an illumination.  Me the shadow dancer being beckoned to embrace the splendor.  The flight of an angel. Protected from the fears of adolescence.(…)

Reminders {1}

Since I have been to the page last I have worked long 16 hour prep days, celebrated my birthday and have shot a two day commercial for Reebok.  In the passing of time my puppy has grown taller, the rain has come and gone and I find myself looking forward to what tomorrow holds. In(…)

Something Old {1}

Since I am still at work and it’s almost 10:00pm I must share something old so I have decided in honor of the rain and the hour and my exhaustion to share something fun, and something a little sexy… from a hopeless romantic to the rain falls around you…  Hopeless Romantic… Just when you least(…)

True Colors {2}

I have always prided myself on the strength of the shields I have built around me.  I mean let’s face it.  After everything I have been through, how could I not wear a “you can’t reach me; I can’t hear you and nothing can hurt me now, suit of armor”?  I thought it would keep(…)

The Pendulum Swing {0}

Have you ever felt like your life has become a rollercoaster and you couldn’t get off when you knew you should or when you really wanted to?  What about that feeling you get when your proverbial equilibrium is off and you can’t find your footing?  How do we keep our life from oscillating between one(…)

Experiment – Undo Monkey See Monkey Do {0}

Life is about planning.  Planning for our freedom and our future. Rewriting our histories and taking control of our universal deck of cards.  This experiment will be different for everyone.   For me.  I am going to focus on my current biggest struggle.  A healthy long lasting relationship.  For you? Well, it will be whatever you need it(…)

Gifts {0}

If you have been joining me everyday as I continue to decipher the nonsense then you know that yesterday I spent most of the day working on my novel. Maybe this blog really is the key to me finishing this damn book already.  One very small step at a time. Very exciting prospect.   As(…)

One of the W’s {0}

Why hasn’t anyone figured out why Stone Hedge was built?  Why has everyone who has ever tried to figure out the Bermuda Triangle disappeared?  Why do some people believe in the Loch Ness Monster while others don’t? “Why” has been a staple in my vocabulary from as early as I can remember.   The why’s came(…)

Mirror Mirror {0}

Let’s look in the mirror.  Let’s just look into our own eyes and try to find the beauty there.  Just keep staring, admiring, looking deep, looking pure, and then when you get enough courage together, smile.  Smile big.  Smile genuinely at the smile smiling back at you.   A smile on your face, A chuckle in(…)