Feeling Gratitude

Feeling Gratitude {0}

In need of some good old fashion childlike reminding. The past has no hold on us. Be steadfast in your ability to forgive and release. Be thankful you have the ability to choose a different route. Be kind to yourself and look the other way. Be forgiving that some people just don’t know any better.(…)

Life 101

Life 101 {2}

Not sure where I picked up the tenacity gene but once you get on a pegasus it’s hard to get off.  I know there’s strength in persistence, wisdom in mistakes and freedom in accomplishments.  Sometimes I’m reminded that I’m human. Like now. I’ve set out to raise my bar and with that excitement comes fear,(…)

Life With One Eye Open The Novel

Life With One Eye Open The Novel {0}

Yes! It only took me 12 years! Received a proof copy of my novel today! Coming Soon to a book store near you… A gritty tale that takes us through a series of tragic events told by a Doppelgänger Twin who dies at birth and leaves her little sister behind. A compelling and moving story about(…)

Empty Your Pockets

Empty Your Pockets {0}

It’s a Monday morning on the coast and there is not a cloud in sight.  The smell of rain is gone and the cleansing came as promised.  Being the over thinker has my brain working overdrive and the off button seems to be stuck.  Giving up is not an option and the creativity is here(…)

The Compass

The Compass {0}

I dreamt of a key that carried a message.  The feel of it in my hand was typical cold nickel plated brass but mixed with old world charm. It left me wondering if I had missed something. Where had I left those memories again?  Holding it up to the light caused the beams to cast a(…)

Please Empty Your Carry On

Please Empty Your Carry On {0}

“Be careful of your thoughts; they may become words at any moment.”                                  –Ira Gassen Having been on this journey with me, the W Chaser, has probably meant that you haven’t always known where this is going.  We have thrown caution(…)

Is This Thing On?

Is This Thing On? {1}

I’ve been working too much and let myself get off balance. When I’m off balance I can’t find my words and my thoughts are all over the place. I’m easily frustrated by that which I don’t understand and my tolerance goes out the window. I have writers block again and it’s a weird thing to(…)

The Butterfly Papers Launch

The Butterfly Papers Launch {0}

Dreams come true and more to come…

Sleepless Streams

Sleepless Streams {0}

I used to want you to call me, but the phone’s been ripped from the wall. Tom Waits is trying too hard to tell me something and it gets lost in translation. It’s a long way up the totem pole and my headphones are in awe. Fish are messaging up to shore and somewhere a(…)

The Butterfly Papers Vol. 1 Announcement

The Butterfly Papers Vol. 1 Announcement {0}

The Butterfly Papers new Book Cover is here! It will be updated in online ebook stores this week! …And THANK YOU to my seven 5-star reviews on amazon.com!!! I so appreciate you guys!!

!   More announcements to follow…