One of the W’s{0}

Why hasn’t anyone figured out why Stone Hedge was built?  Why has everyone who has ever tried to figure out the Bermuda Triangle disappeared?  Why do some people believe in the Loch Ness Monster while others don’t?
“Why” has been a staple in my vocabulary from as early as I can remember.   The why’s came about because what could I have possibly done in a past life that would warrant the life I was living and I didn’t even know if I believed in past lives.  Why didn’t I have the answers?  
Frustration and rebellion would set in like a bad rerun and I couldn’t turn it off.   I feared everyone and trusted no one.   I was the quintessential representative of a misplaced youth and I was face down in the proverbial gutter.  My life had been obscured by why this and why that.
The indelible footprints of my questioning left me intent on finding answers.   I found solace in poetry and the words of encouragement from many books. Authors like Og Mandino, Napolean Hill and Deepak Chopra became my best friends.    I devoured their words and their messages.   I studied the concepts and I tested the theories.   The more I read the more I learned about myself and the more I learned about myself the more I wanted to know.   My search has taught me that for every event there was a life lesson to be pondered.    

I just have to figure out what the lessons are.  

© 2010