I just don’t have much to say right now.  I am busy prepping a commercial while still in active pursuit of my endeavors and I must admit, I am exhausted. But it’s time to stop looking in the rearview.  So much greatness lies ahead if I stay focussed and encouraged. I don’t need to always be in 4th gear.  Time to slow it down a little and accept the path of least resistance.

I am trying really hard to take a stroll with the patience that promises reward.  It’s hard for me, when my instinct is to sprint.  But I am getting better.  I know that if I continue to convince myself that there is reward in endurance I will continue to persevere.

For now, for fear of going on a narcissistic rant, I will leave you with an old writing of mine.  My words teach me too so when I am in need of some encouragement they come in handy.  Like now.

life is always changing and 
tests your strength and will
a lovely dance by moonlight
the grass, perfect and still

keep the faith in sunrise
and welcome the day
walk with your head held high
and the gifts will come your way

the universe will give to you
all that you ask 
so be strong in your intention
and unwavering at your tasks

hope is undeniable 
just let love lead your heart
always choose to be honorable
a perfect place to start

never hold ill thoughts 
or give power to your fears
Live your life with integrity
and your wishes shall appear

Live Love and Laugh
Everywhere you go 
Peace Love and Light
On you shall bestowed