Decisions Decisions{0}

You ever notice that when you are consciously making the right decisions everything flows freely and effortlessly?  I call these gifts from the Universe.  But I missed out on a lot of gifts.  I have always been one to learn things the hard way.  But I have decided to change all that.
Once upon a time years ago when I was in my breakup get back together phase with one of my exes I realized that when we stayed a part everything was going well for me.  But inevitably since we hadn’t quite let go yet we would fall back into our pattern of hooking up.  We would have a great time but then all of a sudden something unfortunate would happen to me.  I would joke with one of my friends about it until one day we realized what was happening and the happenings were getting more and more obvious and more and more instantaneous after seeing him.
One day I realized that I was getting used to the gifts I was receiving from the Universe and I didn’t want the gifts to go away.  I started paying more attention to the choices I made and the things I thought about.  Some of it made me laugh it was so obvious and sometimes it wasn’t so funny.  It was actually painful.  Because, you know, the truth hurts.
I could be doing the mundane day to day and then suddenly hurt my toe, or burn my finger, or break a nail.  Actually hurt myself for real.  And when I stopped to think about what I was thinking about when the unfortunate accident occurred I was thinking things I had no business thinking about anymore!  Nutty but true!
Thoughts really are influential and when accompanied by power vocabulary the possibilities are endless.  We don’t want to get trapped in our wrong decisions.  We want to be empowered by the choices we make and we want to build a strong foundation for positive growth.  
Everyone loves getting gifts.  Whether they come with 4 wheels and a bow or in a little small blue box, gifts make us smile.  And what about the gifts we give to ourselves?  The gift of consciously engaging in our own lives and assisting the Universe in giving us what we need.  These are gifts we can receive everyday.  The decision to live life to the fullest and be truthful to ourselves about what is good for us and what we should shy away from.  These healthy decisions help us grow and prosper.  They help keep us healthy and nurtured.  They will most certainly keep us smiling.  And if you are anything like me, once you start receiving these amazing gifts from the Universe, you will want them to keep on coming.
What are your decisions bringing you today?