Morning Pages{0}

We have all experienced the art of the fresh start.  Whether it be after a breakup or a move to a new city.  Finishing school.  Starting a new job.  Starting life over.

There is importance in a fresh start.  And a fresh start occurs everyday when we open our eyes and take that first waking breath of the new day.

Welcoming the day with an open mind isn’t always easy.  You may have a big test that day or new job jitters.  You may have a Doctors appointment that has you concerned or you’re just too tired to face the day so you press snooze one more time.

What if we could wake up and leave our worries on paper?  What if we could actually work through our thoughts by writing them out?  Years ago I came across a book called the Artist Way by Julia Cameron

A twelve week book outlined like a class that helps you get to the crux of who you are and why.  One of the tools you learn in the book is called the morning pages.  You wake up every morning and you write out whatever comes to mind.  You have to keep writing until you fill all three pages.  Whether you write I don’t know what to write or blah, blah, blah.. you must keep writing.

This has been one of the most useful tools I have ever come across and not because of my attempt at being a writer but because of how freed up I became throughout the day.  I realized that the things I might be worrying about were left on the pages in the morning.  I realized that sometimes I even found my own answers to my self-inflicted puzzles.

It is amazing what can happen for us when we are free from the thoughts that bind us.  Our memory gets better, our pension for creativity is awakened and our souls have room to breath.

As most of you know I experienced a very traumatic experience when I was fourteen.  My youth was taken away from me by a wanted stranger and I was to never be the same again.  But being the W Chaser that I am I would constantly search for ways to help me become whole again.  One of the tools that have played a large part in my emotional recovery has been this book.  The twelve weeks I spent going through the scary process of being accountable at the same time nurturing myself has awakened me to a freedom that I can only hope we all find and experience.

When I did the book, I did it with a group of twelve people.  I highly recommend doing the book with a group or through a work shop.  It was empowering and humbling and I think it was during week four of doing the book that I wrote the following poem.  Through tears I read it aloud.  And when I looked up from reading, every tear filled face that watched me embraced me in a love and courage letting me know that I was safe.  For the first time I opened up to the realization of what had happened to me and was able to talk to others openly for the first time.

I still try to write my morning pages and for the most part, I think they lead me here.  To these pages.  The ones I share with you.  As I continue to actively live my life with one eye open.

Thank you Julia Cameron.

County Fair

            “Crying for a childhood lost and the hours pass to slow. Where did that girl run off to? How far could she go? No one saw her skip away but she left a trail of tears. Didn’t anyone tell her? They’d evaporate with the years. This is no Hansel and Gretel so now there is no way home. A little girl should not be wondering through this world alone. Soon she will out grow her shoes and the ribbons in her hair. Won’t somebody help the child who missed the county fair? Won’t somebody help the child doesn’t anybody care? Left to face the night alone so separate from herself, all she wanted was some chocolate milk and the cookies on that shelf. Will she ever find her way again? Won’t someone tell her where she’s from? The papers said she’s gone for good and nothing can be done. Won’t somebody help the child who missed the county fair? Won’t somebody help the child doesn’t anybody care?”