Batteries Not Included{0}

Can we keep life un-daunting?
Being the W Chaser I have more to ask
There’s no need to be apprehensive
So come out from behind the mask

There’s an unwritten rule you can find
Within the chains of our DNA makeup
People can’t let us down
If we don’t allow them to hold us up

Just put one foot in front of the other
No time for an unedited review
Keep following your yellow brick road
The world is out there waiting for you

This is no Hansel and Gretel
So perhaps there really is no way home
But you can’t go backwards anyway
You must embrace all of the unknown

Can you see your reflection
Are you the fairest of the them all
What does the mirror say to you
Does it leave you breathless & enthralled

Alice down the rabbit hole
It’s never to late to join your life
The world will give you what you ask of it
So be careful what you ask

We can find the energy to keep it going

Never running on empty or Skipping on fuel  
We are our own versions of the energizer bunny
Batteries not included and there are no rules

Be gentle, be kind, be curious, be hopeful, be wishful, be friendly, be humble, be creative, be childlike, be fun, be thoughtful, be complimentary, be you.