No Judgement{0}

We need to embrace who we are.  We can’t worry that people are judging us.  We shouldn’t hide.  Our truths are our own.

People are either going to understand us or they’re not.  Let’s face it.  Some people are judgmental.  They don’t mean to be.  Sometimes they don’t even realize they are doing it.  Admittedly, once upon a time my thoughts found me guilty of judgement.  Not just of others either.  Mostly of myself.  Growing up in a house where the unspoken welcome mat was “what will the neighbors think” leant itself to prudence.

Most of the time when we judge, it’s because we don’t understand something or someone.  We can’t wrap our heads around things that are different to us.  We inflict our own beliefs on how things should be and we can’t steer away from that narrow path.

If someone wears off beat clothes embrace them for their creativity.  If someone had a troubled past commend them for their courage.  If you don’t understand who someone might be and you walk away you might miss out on a valuable lesson, a long lasting friendship or even love.

Maybe it’s time we all heed the advise of the old adage, never judge a book by it’s cover.  Let’s just stop judging all together.  Especially ourselves.  Nurturing our truths is a brave endeavor.  Cultivating each others can be an intrepid adventure.

Life should be filled with adventure, sharing, and risk.  Take a chance on someone you might not normally talk to.  Be openminded.  Step outside your circle.  Your comfort zone.  Something really special could await you.
After all, you wouldn’t want someone judging you, would you?