Did You Know?{0}

You were born to be a miracle so observe who you are.  Make your own decisions by listening to your life.  The hope will help you believe in you.

In the beginning there was… you.

You found your way into this world. You were strong enough to break free.  You were smart enough to know which way to go. You were clever enough to let the world know you were fine with a simple little cry.

And… A beautiful miracle was born.

You were courageous enough to take your first step. You were perceptive enough to form your first word.  You were gregarious enough to smile at strangers and make them laugh and make fools of themselves over you.

And… Then you became observant.

You learned how to speak in full sentences.  You started thinking for yourself and formulating opinions. You established friendships. You acquired knowledge. You started to form your own personality. You configured your own persona based on what you perceived and who you observed.

And… Then you came into your own.

You decided what course to pursue.  You knew what you liked and what you could do without.  You started to figure out who you wanted to be. You figured out what was important to you. You started dreaming.

And… Then you found decision.

You dreamt of being a super hero, a lawyer, a writer, a parent. You knew love. You knew that you were unstoppable. You were cognizant of your possibilities. You were eager to live your life and knew you could make a difference. You were unstoppable.

And… Then you stopped listening.

You experienced pain. You knew loss on a first name basis. You let others hurt you. You allowed people to persuade you or undermine your dreams. You were in denial and lost your sense of self-worth. You didn’t know that it was always your choice to make. You forgot.

And… Then you found hope.

You found someone to remind you of your brilliance. You started pushing the envelope of intrigue. You remembered that you had dreams of greatness. You started to believe in your power again. You realized it was up to you.

And… Then you believe.

You listen. You test the theories. You experience the changes. You see the winks. You hear the connections. You grasp your inner beauty. You comprehend the messages your life is giving you. Your relationships blossom. Your career flourishes. Your sense of self-worth is unparalleled. Your dreams are your reality. You smile at the mirror and it smiles back at you. You make the right choices. You have found your strength. You have found yourself.

In the end there will always be… You.

Do you believe?