Putting Yourself Out There{0}

Photo Courtesy of Sean Newhouse

You must figure out what it is you love and you must follow that trail with all your heart. If you leap the net will appear. It’s time to stop feeling the fear. If you embrace that which you desire your desires shall find you.

Putting yourself out there is scary. There are so many things to be frightened by. You might make a fool of yourself, you might stumble a little, you might even get hurt. But which is worse? Staying stuck and wishing you were doing something or staying in the moment and throwing caution to the wind?

Yes you should definitely be careful with yourselves and with others but you should also embrace the impossible, welcome the unknown, and give your fears a big old fashion bear hug.  Maybe if you find a way to grab onto your fears and squeeze, you can extract them right out of yourself.

Fear is in your mind. You fear something because you have never experienced it, you don’t know what it is and you just don’t know any better. Where is the growth in that?  You make choices everyday about a lot of things. Why not make the choice to be courageous, bold and adventurous.

Start small. Overcoming the smallest fear will lead to bravery and bravery will lead to excitement and excitement will lead to courage. When you practice overcoming your fears you will find yourself accomplishing so much more than you ever dreamed you could.

Have you put yourself out there lately?