Catch It

Catch It {0}

It never ceases to amaze me how powerful life is. Life constantly throws us Universal curve balls and it’s up to us to either hit it out of the park only to have the ball come back to us another way or to simply catch it, study it and learn from it. I’ve been really(…)

Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision {0}

photo courtesy of A friend asked me recently where I drew my inspiration from. If there was a teacher or a process or some other means my entries might come from. ¬†At the time, there was no concrete answer. And after coming through yet another very dark tunnel I realize that the answers are(…)

Snakeskin {0}

By now, the darkness knows me on a first name basis. It comes to visit me like a family member you only see on holidays but with it’s arrival comes the most profound breakthroughs. When I look back over the years and the many visits, it has been during these times that I have been(…)

Self-Presveration {0}

The weak can never forgive.   Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.                                                                                        (…)

Not An Option {0}

Power statements will help us stay on our right path. When faced with adversity or negativity you can actually rise above the circumstance by empowering yourself to do so. Temptations are plenty, and we need to have the courage to know what uplifts us and what is holding us back. When tempted by that which(…)

Reflections {0}

There is a lot to be said for silence. The quiet brings with it answers. The solitude invokes revelations. The peace opens the door to insight. Step in and quietly express your greetings and salutations. Whisper your thanks in advance as you settle yourself and let your thoughts take you where they want to go.(…)

Please Return To Your Seat {0}

It’s not that I’m not happy. Happiness holds onto to me like the leap of joy. But sometimes the indulgence in the dichotomy reminds me I have depth, even if it’s not always understood. There happens to be a little turbulence so I unstrap myself to see where the ride takes me. My temperature is(…)

Confidence In a Bottle {0}

Happiness has found me. I have found my way. My Self has taken hold again with courage and vulnerability. The day brings the sunshine and I am set free. The wonderful flight of Johnathan Livingston Seagall and all is quite alright. The beauty that fills me has my willingness restored. Hope in the orchestra and(…)